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About Us


PT Wangsa Jatra Lestari

PT Wangsa Jatra Lestari, also known as Wajatri, is a subsidiary company of Tiga Serangkai Group located in Solo, Central Java, Indonesia. Our company focuses on general and commercial printing, packaging, prepress and finishing services. Some of our wellknown products are book, paper/shopping bag, gift box, consumer goods container, calendar, diary, brochure/leaflet, tabloid and magazine.

Our Philosophy:

  • Quick and quality is our prime guarantee for being a one-stop-printing company. Our qualified services and products reflect our professional commitment for every order you deliver to us. Our Vision:To be a trusted business partner in printing services in global worldwide business network.

Our Mission:

  • Ensuring every order the customers engaged to us are served professionally to exceed our customer satisfaction through qualified products and services..
  • Enhancing sustainable development of our human capital to be more highly competitive in personal job competencies and well-behave capital.
  • Ensuring every returned business delivered by our customersis valued and appreciated by our super team.

Our strategy :

  • Expanding worldwide business network.
  • Marketing strategy that fits to the organization objectives.
  • Upgrading into high-end infrastructures.
  • Develop business process to meet the business needs.
  • Develop line to line control system to ensure accurate process for the satisfied products.
  • Sustainable development program to gearin achieving highly competitive workforce.
  • Our Corporate Values:
    • The Five Spiritual and Professional Values:
    • Be Positive Mindset and Behaviour.
    • Sincerity and Integrity.
    • Learning Ahead and Innovative.
    • Hardworking and Never Give Up
    • Surrender Only to God Almighty